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Originally Posted by turok_t View Post
When I arrived at my gate for departure in HK, I heard my name being called on the overhead system. I approached the Air Canada counter and I was told that someone from the airfield will come and escort me down to the airfield since there are gun parts in my luggage. I stood at the side anxiously waiting as people are beginning to board the plane already.

After 15 minutes, a customs lady and an Air Canada personnel escorted me, and made me a wear a orange/yellow vest for safety. They told me to "walk in front of then" so that they can watch me. I was then escorted to a cargo bus next to my plane. When I walked on the bus, I saw a huge trolly labelled "DO NOT LOAD" with my suitcase on top. The customs lady informed me that the police will be arriving and she spoke in chinese on her walky talky.. I again, sat there, waiting anxiously, fearing that I would miss my flight. After 15 elapsed, I see a police truck pull up my bus, and two SDU/SWAT came out holding MP5's with aimpoints, and glocks holstered. The customs lady took my passport and the air canada personnel took my boarding ticket for the moment. The SDU's were given a picture, which was apparently an X-ray of my suitcase. Customs revealed some magazines I have purchased and feared that I had a full gun in my luggage. The SDU's commanded me to open my suitcase and take everything out and place it on the side. So I did it, and didn't make any sudden movements. They inspected all my parts, took measurements and wrote notes. I deliberately left bags of BB's in my luggage to show that my stuff is indeed airsoft. The SDU's were negotiating with the customs and just had some concerns with my magazines. Also, they asked me a bunch of questions (ie. occupation, arrival date, flight number, etc). At the end, they gave me back everything and I was discharged....

I was damn nervous and my heart was beating like crazy, but I kept my composure, and kept my cool. I spoke slowly and didn't make any sudden movements, then again, I didnt want to be shot with an MP5. I was very nice and polite to the people that interrogated me, I greeted them and thanked them....
Man way to go keeping ur cool. I would have freaked out when I saw the MP5s lol...

Btw did u see what brand were they carrying...? ICS? WE? Anyone with a tricked out glock...? Jk heheh...
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