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Originally Posted by Kozzie View Post
It seems you have failed to read this thread >>> <<< ^^^ regarding importing to canada. Don't be lazy!
This thread is found in the FAQ section go there and read some threads they're very informative.
All the info you need is out there try searching this forum, reading the FAQ's or googling ect. you'll be amazed what you find. You'll also get answers that are better than
yes or no because you'll understand why it is yes or no.
was this directed at me?
btw I DID read it, and pretty much every thread I can find (or am still reading).

Edit: The way you quoted me just before saying this makes me think that it's at me.
Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
...It's rather like asking how long it takes for a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle...
Originally Posted by XPknight View Post
...13.768 seconds...
42 / square root of monkey butt - one leg * the tangent of one average sized pickle.

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