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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Ive taken on a heavily fortified position with nothing but rubber knives and a smile. Its all about patience and opportunity.
Full auto is all dine and dandy when you wanna puff out your chest and be scary. However I would prefer to have higher bb hit per fire ratio than a fire and miss ratio, you really only need to tag your target with a BB once.
Puffing out your chest and being scary can have its uses, depending on the situation. I stick to a support gunner role, i used to primarily use an M249, and i currently have an RPK. Suppression and volume of fire are great methods for keeping peoples heads down. I'll keep the targets down while the riflemen or marksmen flank to get the kill. But then again, its all about which role you fit and how effectively you execute that in a game. My older brother leans more to a DM class than anything, and we work extremely well together. I like to think i get the same satisfaction as a marksman does when they get a kill, from making people cower in fear under an endless volley of plastic:P Mindset has a lot to do with it too. You cant buy an LMG thinking you will be running around getting kills like rambo. If used as intended, support weapons can really help fill out your squad, especially if the people your playing with use proper tactics and such. As for the DM role, ive just got a scratch built M16 shooting around 300 with .02's, yet the range and accuracy it has is shockingly high. Just goes to show that FPS isnt everything.
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