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Originally Posted by crashonskis View Post
alright i was looking at buying a gun from asia, but im scared it wont make it across. However, my friend got a full black gun from california, it came fine, it had been disassembled but that was it. hmm
If you do you are taking your chances, it may make it through, it may show up in pieces or it may be seized and you'll be screwed.
If you have to have to an all black gun up your price range and you can find them, if not get a clear one and paint it.

Originally Posted by Wayne0188 View Post
a rail will, but the sig won't, customs will claim it for their collection.

This page will tell you what you can and cant import Importing Airsoft and You - Cleaned
Edit: Crashonskis It seems you have failed to read this thread >>> <<< ^^^ regarding importing to canada. Don't be lazy!
This thread is found in the FAQ section go there and read some threads they're very informative.
All the info you need is out there try searching this forum, reading the FAQ's or googling ect. you'll be amazed what you find. You'll also get answers that are better than
yes or no because you'll understand why it is yes or no.

Edit: crashonskis how old are you?

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