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Originally Posted by Wayne0188 View Post
ok cool, I see a lot of those posts in the faq and newbie threads too.

Right now I'm trying to find the difference in fps between a .22g and .20g bb
reason being, for the gun not to be a replica, it must be able to fire a .22 bb over 407 fps, and i see some games limiting at 350 fps.

Granted Id rather only be at 350 fps, seeing as how I will be shooting at other gamers, I don't want to injure someone. but I also don't want to get nail for having a replica.

Now I do understand that no airsoft gun is a replica until proven in court to be so, so I should be pretty safe with having it only shoot at around 350 fps, but I don't want some OPP Officer taking it from me (in the rare occurrence they are to look in my trunk) just because it does not have between 407 and 500 fps.

Maybe I'm just over paranoid, I just want to be clear on these things so I don't feel like I'm tiptoeing around. (I panic when I have a headlight out, because I don't want the ticket, Even though it is rare that a cop will give you one)

Edit: NVM, I just noticed that th efps goes down with heavier bbs. So does anyone know if the requirement for 407fps or higher means the gun would need to shoot that if they chronoed it, or if it just needs to have the capability to do so. IE different springs in an aeg, or different gasses in a gbb.

the law is written as "capable of" firing a shot or projectile at a velocity sufficient to cause significant bodily harm. So technically Each and every AEG is capable of this feat,

Once a arisoft gun is in your possession it can fire any FPS you want,
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