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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
more specific and to the point than the actual law?

anything else is someone else's interpretation, which would not be specific or to the point.

but here is an executive summary

all Airsoft guns are 100% legal to posses for anyone over 18 years of age

All airsoft guns are imitation firearms

Some airsoft guns could be deemed replicas if they fire a .22g bb less than 407 FPS

Replicas are prohibited devices and can't be transfered by individuals. But if you have one it's legal to posses.

Clear receiver guns are generally not deemed to be replicas.

If a gun fires over 407 FPS with a .22 g bb it can cause significant bodily harm, and so it is deemed to be a firearm. However seeing as it shots at less than 500 FPS and less than 5.7 joules muzzle energy you do not require a license to transfer it these items are deemed to be "unregulated firearms" and are legal to import, buy , sell , trade , loan or give to another person.

does that make it clear?
this is exactly what I was looking for, Thank You, When the replies here said that the info I had was wrong, I then questioned everything I had read.

Now I know this info is current, and not out dated.

When I read the criminal code and such, most of what I am reading is not relevant to airsoft, therefore, to the point it is not. the quoted post reaffirmed everything I thought I new. Thank You.

One more question, people keep saying aved sections, the only sections I can't read are the classifieds and the retailer threads. all the info I am looking for seems to be in the rest of the sections where I can read just fine. can anyone clarify this for me.
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