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Originally Posted by Wayne0188 View Post
I don't want to be misunderstood, at no point did i intend to imply that I have issues with restricting the classifieds from view to the av'ed members, I am very happy this feature is in place.

Tex said that there was an av'ed section that had info on the laws that affect airsoft, if there is said info, why would contradicting info still be in the faq section?

I am happy to read the criminal code.. and the regulations, and the firearms Act, but most of the info I am looking for is stickied in the faq section (or so I thought). if this info is wrong, why is it still stickied there.

Since the Airsoft Initiative's paper is out of date, then what is the most recent thing they have proposed to the government reguarding the laws that affect airsoft?

Edit @theshaneler I did not ask about the newbie tank, I clearly stated that the things I have been reading were in the faq's section. I am only posting here because i cant post in the faq section till my av status is updated.
We are working within the existing laws as they are 100% effective for our uses.

no changes are required, at this point

There may be some legacy info on the site that is out of date.. but all the staff are volunteers and cleaning up that stuff is a lower priority than day to day operations.
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