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Ok Thanks, Everything I've read in the faq's section seems to show that the info in the airsoft and canadien law sticky is still acurate, obviously the laws are still in the grey area for airsoft, but if things are changing, would it not be a good idea to make these changes in the faq's section, prefferably in the q and a part.

if there is more info on this, asside from the classifieds, that is restricted from view fron non av'ed members, may i ask why? should info on airsoft and its legal/policy status be available to all whom seek it.

From the info I have been able to read on this forum, my conclusions are that most retailers will only deal with full clear plastic guns, where as the classifieds have full metal guns, and some online only retailers do as well.

my main concerns are with the legal way to transport said full metal guns between home and game. my assumption is that if you follow all the rules of transporting a real steel guns you should be fine. As I really don't want to run the risk of having a cop take away an airsoft gun while im on my way to a game, this is something i want to be fully knowledgeable on.

When you say that there are models available for import, I assume you mean only to retailers, as individuals can only get full clear plastic, and customs can still take it at their discretion. this is what i gather from the threads i have read.

basically what I am saying is that if the info in the threads I am reading is wrong, then why is it the first thing us newcomers are being told to read (ie the stickied faq's)?

Edit: @Schlyder I am not going to allow myself to be ignorant to what laws do affect airsoft, as I do not want any type of criminal record. especially for possession of an illegal item. therefore, I WILL worry about airsoft gun laws, and I would appreciate if you weren't so concerned with my funds. I do not mean to sound disrespectful.

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