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Originally Posted by SniperSam View Post
What do you think of my methods FOX
It's good, but I prefer a more reliable method.
I teach how to mesure distance with your hand size relative to your target. Granted you know the estimated size of your target.
The same thing using a scope. Duplex or Mildot scopes.

Also, I talk about the effect of lighting, elevation and other factors that could play with optical range estimation.

My students will try these techniques and get used to them. 2 very important one are acuratly estimating (contradiction, yet it's true) our MED using both our scope and hand. Also, a 6' tall person will usually mesure 3 or 4 fingers high at 100 feets.

When you are in the wood, laying on the ground, things can seam well away or much closer. Having those dependable ways of mesuring distance will greatly improve your range estimation.

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