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Originally Posted by SniperSam View Post
For MEDs, I use "mile markers," and what that is for me as a sniper, I know what will happen at a certain point based on the terrain. Basically, theyre pieces of nature that I know my stride count is to, such as a small mound for cover, if im at say 40 strides away, I know that is about 120-125 feet, well within my mental MED. Or if a tree with branches falling off is at 20 strides, Id be reaching for my secondary/sidearm, just in case. It's a strategy employed by US Marine Sniper School as a judgement of distance, forgot what they call it however
Number of football fields laid end to end..... assuming all qualified snipers used to play football in school. Lol

I use a similar trick, except I pace out toe-to-heel (12" boot soles) the distance between things I see every day, and memorize the amount of ground between me and them regularly. Within 150ft it's easy to get about +/-10ft away, past that it becomes +/-20ft out to 300ft.

Fox has a system set up using mildots and his calculator, my trick I don't even have to use a finger to short out how far to a target, if i shot a guy with a pistol or a piece of chewed gum, I can tell you how far away he was and have it measured.

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