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Originally Posted by Sportco View Post
Does velocity really drop a 100 fps in 25 feet?
I have a graphic somewhere that show the fps drop at certain distances. I can't find it right now.

But based on my memory, to a certain point yes. The numbers I have and the formula used to calculate the MED take into account the benchmark fps (with 0.20g), BB weight, terminal velocity (air friction at sea level, 20 celcius).

MEDs are given for the optimal BB weight too. That might play witht the final number if you try to calculate it yourself. BB used range from 0.29g to 0.36g depending on fps. When we say a 450fps rifle, we should really say a 1.88j rifle.
That leave out the usual misunderstanding of the modified fps based on BB weight.

This complicated thing is covered in my sniper clinic and it's all explained in my documentation. I'm positive that it's also the case in the other sniper clinics in Canada.

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