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The MEDs are calculated to have 1joule at impact. That is the same feeling as putting your hand right on the musle of a 280fps AEG and shooting it. It hurt like hell. It will leave a mark, but should not break the skin.

Those MEDs are a standard of safety. 1joule was calculated to be about the maximum energy the skin can sustain before breaking. (leaving out sensitives parts like the face...)

The sniper clinic then teach how to safely use those MEDs in the context of a game. Like stalker said, shooting someone right on the MED is not somemething a certified sniper will do. But knowing the effect of his shot, he can take apropriate mesures to make a safe shot on a player.

Since the sniper clinic primaraly focus on safety and airsoft ballistic, it's something all certified snipers are tested on and are trusted to be safe with.

I guess I wanted to safe time and explanations by posting the base value only. But they have to be used in context and knowledge. Like the speed limits on the road. You might be allowed to drive at 100km/h, but if it's icy, you won't be doing so.

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