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Originally Posted by Zep View Post
makes sense.

But like fox said, i also read something about zero engage till 100ft.. weird. but i assume stalker knows more as hes certified for it.. so no worries. I guess their is so much talk on the net that its hard to find and keep all the rules straight. I have a hard time finding alot of actual info.. so i just ask on here cause, people reply way faster and its easier.
Generally it's a respect thing, I wouldn't want to get shot by my M24 at 100ft with the 0.36g BBs I use either, so I am careful about who I shoot where and at what distance. Fox_111 is certified as well, and sometimes holds the Quebec courses, so he's worth listening to as well. I just don't agree with the distances he laid out, all will make you bleed if the BB hits lightly covered skin. Is why I mentioned it being a typo.
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