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Frak... 65 feet @550

Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
There is no such things are 100fts minimum engagement distances, unless you are shooting way abover the usual field limit, even with the certified sniper limits.

Someone made that MED out of nothing and it propagated like fire.
A typical MED for a sniper rifle at 450fps is 40 feets.

To have a MED of 100 feets, your rifle would be shooting at 625fps.

Standard sniper limits is 450fps (MED 40fts)
Lvl2 snipers are limited to 500fps. (MED 55fts)
Lvl3 snipers are limited to 550fps. (MED 65fts)

MED are calculated to have 1joule at impact.
Does velocity really drop a 100 fps in 25 feet?

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