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Originally Posted by Juke16 View Post
What if we created an "Airsoft Canada Club" kind of thing, get it designated as a Non-Profit Organization (so it doesn't get taxed) and then buy a plot of land. Make a yearly membership fee and a "visitor" fee to put some money in the club's bank account, and instead of running it like a "for profit" field, have members pitch in and volunteer to get things done like erecting buildings and other such tasks. This means that you could start with an empty field, and 40% the revenue gained to improve it (assuming you save 10% in the bank), other half goes to paying off the bank loan for the field and other expenses; as time goes on and more members join, you should have more and more capital to improve the field
This does seem to make more sense, if we're talking outside Quebec here. But Canada is a big ass country so we'd likely have to do a regional thing you know? Because I'm not gonna be likely to drive to Ottawa very often for games. I'd love to but I'm not rich. And I think there would need to be VERY dedicated and trusted members to run the show. And they'd have to be willing to take on the extra workload of an NPO.
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