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The idea of shipping containers was only for a business. As a community effort, only something out of plywood or recuperated material is realistic, and even then it would just look like another paintball field (so with "walls", and not "buildings"...)

Just to elaborate (I know, it's useless, but I'm on break so while we're at it...)
Cost of a used shipping container: ~1300-1500$
Transport (estimate): 200$, depending on the location
Average entry fees for "vanilla" (unbuilt, mostly natural) private fields: 25$ (which is almost 100% profit in most cases where no props were bought)
Average entry fees for built-up paintball fees: 35$
Average attendance for "basic" games in the montreal area: 70 players

So... let's say 70 players x 30$ = 2100$ for one game (average)
2100$ x 10 games in the year = 21 000$
21 000$ / 1 500$ = 14 containers

Now I'm not an organiser so I may have forgot some fees... yes a small compensation for setting up the game is reasonable to the organisers and property owner, but not 2100$ par game IMHO. So if I didn't screw up my estimates.... that's realistic.
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