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Thanks for everybody's feedback. It was just the extra little push I needed to firm up my desire to get a full metal gun. Now comes the hard part.... which one. I've decided that it should have the following:
1. M4 (not the CQB version) or HK416
2. RIS or SIR rails
3. battery inside an extendable stock
4. Easy to swap spring would be very nice

So far, I've found the following guns available from Canadian dealers (007 Airsoft, Buy Airsoft, Mach 1 and Halifax Airsoft Wholesale):
(I've also attached a PDF showing a list of spec's that I found for each of the guns)

The listed fps are based on a 0.2 g BB. The price includes battery (9.6 v 1400 or 1600 mAH) except otherwise stated.

When purchasing the gun, I would get the dealer to swap out the spring for a M120 - to get it close to 400 fps (for outdoor games). For the ICS gun, I'd also get a spare M100 spring to allow for indoor games.

Availability wise, the SRC (007 Airsoft) G&G (Buy Airsoft)and ICS (Mach1) guns are available. The Classic Army weapons (Halifax Airsoft Wholesale) are not available.

What are your thoughts about which gun I should get. Right now I'm leaning towards the ICS-128 mainly because of its split gear box (making it easy to swap springs for indoor or outdoor games).

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