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Originally Posted by crashonskis View Post
well i wasnt meaning that cheap, as i have a cybergun ak aeg that shoots at around 250 fps with .12s, and its so weak, guys with springerss are beating me. more around the 150- 200 mark. im probably going to buy the aftermath knight cqb, anyone have experience with this gun??
You need a spring change then. Either that or your compression parts are fucked up.

Get your hands on an M100 spring which should bring you to ~330-350 FPS, otherwise if you're looking for something lower in the 1 Joule range, an M90 or 1J spring should give you the desired results. That's assuming the compression isn't broken though. If that's the case you'll need to get a new compression set, piston and piston head (and while you're at it I guess it might be a good idea to change the cylinder to a ported one if it's not ported, a new cylinder head).

I totally understand some people may live out in the sticks and don't go to the city often so when you do take a trip to a city with an AV rep present I guess make an appointment with them or something, hell maybe you could meet half way or if someone is passing through/nearby because of work or vacation it's a quick 5 minutes and painless.

PS: From what I understand avoid all aftermath products except for the Kraken and Broxa as those are really the only "half decent" guns from Aftermath.

An alternative is the Tri-shot shotgun from CT. It's not the greatest and not worth paying full price for it but if you ever catch it on sale it's a pretty good buy. As well there's the Crosman Airmag C11 (comes in 2 flavours, Airsoft and .177 pellet) it sometimes goes on sale as well and a decent performer (apparently a lot of people keep them as secondary sidearms) make sure you buy the right one cause being shot with .177 is not cool.
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