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Originally Posted by crashonskis View Post
can you think of a good compact primary under 200, and under 350fps. i dont really care if its clearsoft, its just for messing around with friends
No sorry I cannot. My job is to assist with the adjustment and education of new comers. I specialize in airsoft items from mid range to high quality and providing answers in the most basic format to those for easy understanding. While I am familiar with low end quality products my hands on experience is in the range zero to nill. If you are interested in low end soft air products I suggest you try walmart, Canadian tire or perhaps the dollar store.

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post

It depends on the gun. GBB pistols work like AEG's for the most part where differing weights of ammo have the same energy. However in gas rifles with longer barrels, heavier ammo typically has more energy. For example my PDW shoots 380fps on .20g BBs, but on .28g BBs is shoots the equivalent of 405fps on .20g.
So mass = zoom

I understand.

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