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Originally Posted by Conker View Post
Mirabel Paintball (quite nice, but small, linear, and @#"/$%? staff who ended the games about 2 hours early),
Vodoo Paintball (never personally played there, but apparently it's great),
Xtream Paintball (small, linear, decent for small skirmishes, service is ok but if paintballers are coming expect to be pushed away),
Maxpaintball (never personally played there, but apparently it's ok for small skirmishes and that's it)
Just to add to the list, Paintball Commando Rive Sud (Ste Julie) are building a town with some interesting buildings (they're using sheet metal too) but so far its small-ish (so's the field as a whole, but its sorta nice). Downside is they only accept BioBBs.

@SniperSam, all the locations listed above are in Quebec. The LZ is located near Ottawa, about 3 hrs from Montreal. It's a big detour but Montreal-area players do play there once in a while.

But as I already told you, the primary issue is the field itself: even 300x300' isn't very big (~ 3 city blocks worth of surface, maybe just a big bigger than the Mirabel village). But even 90,000 sq.ft @ the bargain basement discount price of $1/sq.ft is still $90k, nevermind building materials, equipment and labour. And you need a staging area and parking and stuff, assuming this plot of land is out in the middle of nowhere and you don`t need a buffer arond it to stay out of the public eye, so you have even less than 90,000 sq ft to work with. You'll probably have to get an environmental impact study done before you can start doing anything, too.

Putting up plywood structures is the easy part.

Originally Posted by SniperSam View Post
Christe un walmart?! ce de les etats!
Zellers, la te parle!
Zellers is about to become Target.
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