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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
You guys better learn how to aim like they do in paintball, if you haven't tried getting a cheekweld on a rifle while wearing a full facemask, you are in for a shock...... and I found early on it's a serious safety issue too, more so with using a scope, to be able to see through it I found the mask got shoved to the left and opened up large gaps around it.
I've notice with most paintball masks (with a plastic lower) it is impossible to use the sights on your gun.

Though after going through a few masks, I've found paintball masks with a flexible-lower don't really cause as much of an issue (especially low profile masks). I'm able to get a nice cheekweld on my PRS using my JT Proflex, although if I open my mouth too much -- my chin / bottom row of teeth are exposed (which may be the case if you're shouting to someone across the room/field).

Potential for a new market for custom stocks with a section cut out to accommodate paintball masks?

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