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One word: Furries

Also, look up his YouTube videos re: Airsoft Canada.

Actually, I'll just post it for you.

Why Red Dragon Airsoft does NOT ship to Canada

Look through his description for the video - he names specific ASC members as "trolls".

Check THIS thread so we don't do too much of a rehash of the subject. Also good for a laugh.

Sorry, didn't mean to derail your topic.

I love revolvers myself and would love to get one. Only problem is that it seems like the majority of the ones that I've seen available right now are the obscenely large .44 cal or bigger replicas, with 8-inch or longer barrels. I'd prefer something a bit more suitable for a sidearm - maybe a 4" barrel, based on a .38 Special / .357 Magnum type revolver.

With 2 or 3 moonclips, I think you could probably game it if it performs well overall =/
I'd consider a handgun a last ditch weapon. I figure if I was down to using a revolver in an AEG fight, I'm screwed. If I have to speedily reload said revolver in the same fight, I'm REALLY screwed.

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