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Originally Posted by Conker View Post
There's a few already, but in paintball places...

Mirabel Paintball (quite nice, but small, linear, and @#"/$%? staff who ended the games about 2 hours early),
Vodoo Paintball (never personally played there, but apparently it's great),
Xtream Paintball (small, linear, decent for small skirmishes, service is ok but if paintballers are coming expect to be pushed away),
Maxpaintball (never personally played there, but apparently it's ok for small skirmishes and that's it)

Unfortunately building such setup (for airsoft only) would cost too much versus potential revenue. Unless someone can convince Peladeau to give us 1M$ (that is after the Nordiques are back, obviously). Unless someone has contacts to get the equipement at cost price, but even then it'd be a fair amount.

The british got this:

If anyone can get such facility for us, I promise I'll be your slave till the end of times.
Holy fk, just imagine, a 1v1 sniper battle in there...
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