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Originally Posted by Cottoni View Post
L473ncy no, I don't "cash people's money" and leave them in the dark. Once we have agreed on a sale/payment has been received they usually get a reply within a day if not hours, and I clearly state before receiving payment if I foresee any possible delays with shipment of an item. So please don't make assumptions when you don't know the facts.
I wasn't saying that you were cashing and running, I was just giving an anecdote as to what I did/do to make things right in a previous transaction.

I also said that I understand you're a retailer so probably get hundreds of messages a day compared to a small time seller like me who might buy/sell 3 or 4 items a year. I also know that I speculated in my above post but given the information from the thread I would say that I would give a neutral rating.

I'm a believer in doing and making things right, I'm a straight talker and direct and don't care for being convoluted or beating around the bush. I hate grade inflation and kids that beg for half a mark more so you can get 99.9% average instead of 99.8% average piss me off (describes a lot of kids from my high school), what you get is what you get (except in some circumstances) and not to be scared of retaliatory feedback.

Anyways, Cottoni I'm sorry if I came across like some insatiable bastard that expects people to be online 24/7 and get back to me right away. But lets just drop this.
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