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Wow, I haven't seen all of this up to now.

First for mrgruber, D-BOMB, and 5kull I have replied to you guys already explaining the situation, and I apologize for the delay. (Note: no business transactions have taken place with any of the aforementioned users, a possible trade was in negotiation with mrgruber, went out of town and had to put the deal on hold, though user didn't have my info to finalize the deal, which is done now)

Shortly after the holidays, I have not been able to promptly reply to some requests, because of job, school, family/new child, and yet another possible residential move, this time to another province, and hence why I have not updated/bumped my sales thread for a few months now and I apologize for those waiting for replies.

However ALL who have actually initiated a transaction/agreement to purchase an item from me, being it a payment received or payment information exchanged must have received a reply from me soon after payment was accepted.
No Exception on this, I always contact the buyer when an actual business transaction occur (transaction/agreement to purchase only takes place when money/item exchange hands between the parts.)

So to Shrike, SHaKaL, AS92-RD, sortie39 and L473ncy no, I don't "cash people's money" and leave them in the dark. Once we have agreed on a sale/payment has been received they usually get a reply within a day if not hours, and I clearly state before receiving payment if I foresee any possible delays with shipment of an item. So please don't make assumptions when you don't know the facts.

Airsoft is NOT my full time job, and I try my best to reply to all PMs, however I received lots of messages an a daily basis, and because of the backlog I currently have I unfortunately have to prioritize replies to those who have already agreed on a sale/payment but I do eventually respond to messages that warrant a reply, and sending a reminder PM few days later or an Email instead helps a lot. (I also receive many PMs inquiring the most basic information that are all clearly stated on my Terms & Conditions and offers and requests I cannot accept, which just further aggravate the backlog)

Wrath144 sorry didn't know you're waiting for my reply, and I was under the impression you're not interested in my trade offer, as you had found a better offer locally otherwise was only looking for cash, no trades, but if that is not the case I will look again in the PMs and get back to you asap.

Again I apologize for the delay in promptly responding to the PMs (will make sure to post possible delays on replies on my sales thread), and if you have an actual business transaction with me you should have received a tracking number or reply already and I expect to be able to get up to date with the messages within the next week, and am also working to have an fully automated shopping cart website, which will greatly help with the back and forth payment messages and inventory management.

Thank you for all the support from ACTUAL customers posted above, and for those who don't currently have any business transaction with me and can't wait for a reply please feel free to contact other retailers.

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