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Originally Posted by AS92-RD View Post
Shut the fuck and quit bitching?

I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on an item and then have some asshole take his sweet time to ship it. The only time I have purchased from the Airsoft community was on another board and it was gear from Darklen. probably about $150 total but I'm hesitant to buy from the classifieds because of everyone's attitude of you get your item when you get it. Not when I pay sizable sums of money for it ($300-$1200). I've had EMT's that were practically instant, that means the the product should be shipped next business day and on my door within a reasonable time. If I'm going to be quick and efficient then who the hell are you to take my money and not do the same. Of course I'm not a complete douche, and if there's a problem the very least one can do is tell me about it.
I know thats what I thought to but everyone on here told me to stfu and have patience so I'm just returning to favor to the community. Your package will come I have spent hundred of dollars and had shitty service before but bitching will get us nowhere.
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