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Seriously this is unacceptable and would never do if this were eBay. I'm sorry but it's true. At best you'd get a neutral for shipping things half a month or a month later.

I've dropped the ball once shipping something, it was like 4 or 5 days delay in shipping (final exams/term projects/term papers and all) so I tossed in a small freebie to the buyer. Probably only worth like 50 cents, but it was a gesture of good will and buyer was happy (especially since they received the item before Christmas). I know 4 or 5 day delay isn't much but I at least kept the buyer in comms (granted I'm only a small time seller) and let him know about the couple of day delay because of needing to finish my work/study and not being able to get to the post office before it closed.
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