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Originally Posted by cpgop View Post
Hi every one i'm Greg, Currently 15 waiting to hit my 18th birthday, and collecting gear while I wait. I currently own a G&G GR16
OMGZ hez und3r ag3!!!!!!11111oneoneone1!1eleven1

Welcome to the forums Greg. Good stuff, you may actually be able to start playing slightly earlier (say 16 or 17) once people get to know you. "Combat photography" is usually welcome at games (I know I like to satiate my narcissistic side and look badass) and a great way to introduce yourself to your local community. Once they see you're not some minor who's a tool they may make some concessions for you (usually what happens is a blanket moratorium on minors playing is in effect and some can play on a case by case basis once the other players see they're alright and actually respectful).

PS: You totally don't need tonnes and tonnes of gear, I mean sure it's awesome and all but there's a difference between being kitted out for a milsim game and kitted out for a weekend pickup game/skirmish.
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