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If your interested in an armalite series gun you will have many options to choose from in regards to model and brand. Please keep in mind that all pricing is in that of Canadian pricing. If you are unfamiliar with how Canadian pricing is in Canada compared to the rest of the world you may wish consult this websites frequently asked questions section (FAQS) to familiarize yourself with some information. The long and the short of it is while airsoft guns are not illegal to own, they are hard to get into the country because the importation of airsoft guns is a difficult thing due to all sorts of complications of bureaucracy and other garbage ranging from interpretation of the of the rules by the inspecting border services agent all the way down to the what color my urine was this morning.

Now to the down and dirty of the business. If your looking to get in for low cost expect to budget in around 350-400 for the purchase of the airsoft gun itself. With that sorta pricing you should be able to secure yourself either a new or used modest quality airsoft gun of some brand. Now tack on another 120 dollar or so for the cost of an additional battery, quality charger and maybe a few additional magazines. Maybe another 200 for a metal receiver to increase durability if it already doesn't have one. Possible another 150 for a upgrades and preventative maintenance. Keep in mind though that these are costs incurred as you go along and not something that's invested all at once, unless your that kinda persona.

Alternatively you could look into something with the initial invest 500-700 and purchase a good quality, well known brand gun that would only require the investment for additional batteries, magazines, charger and maybe only an additional 25 dollars for preventative maintenance or spring swap.

Brands I would like to recommend.
Tokyo Marui
Classic Army
King Arms

ICS is also a reputable company, although due to their use of proprietary parts and a unique internal design not all after market components will be compatible.

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