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Originally Posted by NaM-Carter,Matt View Post
I learned the best way to wait for your package and reply is to shut the fuck up and quit bitching. It will come not everything goes exactly how you expect it to. Deal with it. I've been down this road before and that is what this community told me to do.
You learned wrong.

What i learned is that the community is to lenient and don't give the right trader rating even if they had to wait for weeks or months for things they paid right after the deal was on.

I don't know about Cottoni and his business (never did business with him) but some sellers take their fucking time after they cashed the money. And give you the stupidest reasons... The item you paid for should be shipped within a week if not days after you paid for it.

Should have check your trader rating before writing ... Which is nil... as the value of your opinion on the matter at hand.
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