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Originally Posted by Flawless View Post
L473ncy, are you Korean? Have you played any airsoft in Korea?

BTW - airsoftpark sizes the same as north american sizes, because they are based out of Hong Kong? Or should I order a size larger?
Lol.... No I'm not Korean, I just like SNSD. Also, Taeyeon is hot, not to mention shes only a year older than me! (....who cares if they got surgery, they're still talented and awesome).

As for airsoftpark sizes. I'm not entirely sure, I ordered a "Medium" softshell jacket from them and from my qualitative observations it's about right compared to North American sizing for being an outerwear jacket. I actually wear it over my "Medium" MEC fleece jacket when it's cold out and it pretty much slips right over that almost like one of those "2 in 1" fleece liner/outer shell jackets.

PS: I have not played airsoft outside of Canada (except for a few weekend skirmishes here in UK).
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