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Like I said before,

Some union members are corrupt. You need to go to your local reprensentative. This guy is a lazy ass that does'nt want to bother with you.

I've seen it done before in another job I had. Eyeore talked about it too, it's not uncommon.

I cant' beleive that your employer did'nt offer to restitute your lost pay. For me that is un acceptable, ''so euh...we tested your psy and concluded that you are not a threath. sorry, have a nice day''.

Proper attitude would have been to just have a conversation with you about a potential problem BEFORE going bonkers on you.

Sit back tonight before you go to sleep, grab a peice of paper and a pen and ask this to yourself and write down :

What do I need to do right now that I feel will not make me regret later on that I did'nt do.

If you can live with that then all I can add is : I'll say see you on the field.

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