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Windsor Extreme paintball wont be hosting airsoft anymore. PM me, we have a couple new fields set up for this year.

If we find out you've been fucking around in public with those Amherstburg clowns though, at best you'll be banned, at worst we contact the police.

Edit to the Amherstburg team: We allow under 18yr old players, but you have to have someone 18+ come with you to vouch, and we do not tolerate screwing around.

I've seen kids running down the side of the highway outside of the elementary school at Malden Centre with clearsoft. If you've been on ASC for any amount of time, you'd be aware of how much trouble you and your parents could get in for that.

If you are interested in playing properly, I can pop out to Amherstburg and talk to you about our fields/rulesets etc.
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