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Originally Posted by SniperSam View Post
wasnt trying to suggest that he'd be a legal guardian, maybe he'd know more about the games and rules for the Quebec City/Beauce area
I know, I just don't like putting the extra workload/responsibility on my verifiers. Verifiers for a region aren't always directly in the region for one, and the help they can offer is the same as any other active player. In this case, he already has his bother playing so I'm sure he's already familiar with all the guns, gear etc.

So really, hosts are the people to talk to. Cuz unless there's a game happening in his local area, it won't matter anyway.

Originally Posted by mattkov View Post
Oh well i know why its 18 years old now xD but this can be arranged if i sign a kind of charge that remove all my protection but yeah i know why its 18 +
That's the thing, you can sign a waiver but if you get hurt it won't stop an angry parent from suing, as in the posted case. With a parent (or brother) present, it moves responsibility to them -- although due to the nature of the game they can't follow you every second of the day, so it can still be problematic.

Either way, the game schedule is posted here:

Some events are clearly labeled 18+. Some may allow minors as a photographer or if attending with a parent or you brother: you need to talk to the organizer.
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