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Hahaha thank you.

I have contacted someone in my area, so i will meet up with him once im back home. Glad its another military guy, so im sure ill make it to a few games if possible.

Im not to trigger happy, im more of a see and shoot, type of guy.

I bought the stock ICS cxp.08 and i might play with it for a while maybe till summer and upgrade the motor to something better. Not sure tho!, lets see how it goes first, i guess. I'll try and make it out to some games for sure but i have people i play with already in port hope, we have about 40 acres of land and its pretty intense with all us army guys, once we get going, we do some pretty cool missions and scenarios.

Thanks for the info tho, i appreciate it. I was thinking of getting 1 or 2 more batts and some extra bb's and maybe the tracer kit looks pretty cool.
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