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Originally Posted by puppydg68 View Post
I know this is an old thread, but still in the newbie group. But my concern is that everyone talks about the propane from a mag is barely harmful etc. But I see people indoor target shooting, cleaning testing etc.. multiple mags in the same enclosed areas. I've even heard of people who say in one session they went through 1 or 2 cans of green gas. So would you want to release all the gas from a whole can of green gas in a room and hang out there breathing it?

Personally I do a lot of indoor shooting and I am concerned about the regular breathing of it. Was wondering if for indoor use Duster Gas would be any safer? its not like you need the FPS for indoor plinking, testing cleaning, both are chemicals but which are safer to breath?
Well let me give you the lecture I received in Intro university Organic Chemistry.

One should not inhale large quantity of short hydrocarbon chain. The really bad ones are propane and butane. as for CFC, it's not the best for you, and it does sink to the bottom like propane because the gas is densier than air.

Normal are gas like CO2 (O2, N2, are lighter) for example is around 34.01g/mol. Propane is bad because it sinks (44.11g/mol) to the bottom and it's explosive. HFC134a aka 1,1,2,2 Tetrafluroethane is 102.03 g/mol.
I'm not sure the exact effect inhaling 134a, large inhalation is also not recommanded especially sniffing from the canister to get high.

In summary, neither is good for you. Propane is bad because its explosive and the scent they added contains sulfur (also bad for you)

If you want to shoot indoor consider getting an external adapter and run HPA or CO2.
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