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Probably just as dangerous since there's the problem of duster abuse. I'm not joking you can get high off that stuff. It was actually so bad that they had to start introducing bitterants (to stop inhalant abuse) into the duster gas cans and people under 18 are barred from buying duster gas in some places.

If you have HVAC then you're probably good..... Even then, if you don't have an HVAC system then just setup a fan or something and open a window to introduce the flow of fresh air. Granted wintertime might be a problem (with it being so cold and energy wastage from heating) but for fall/spring/summer it should be fine. If doing it in winter I would say keep the door open and setup a fan to circulate the gaseous propane around the house and dissipate it (NB: This is assuming you don't have pets/children, not sure how it would affect them to be exposed to these kinds of chemicals on a semi regular basis).
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