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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Hahaha.... That's a laugh. These words will come out of your mouth when your wife or girlfriend confronts you on your airsoft habit:

"I can stop whenever I want.... I swear.... I just don't want to.... yet."

Also (when referring to a gun your wife/girlfriend hasn't seen before), "Look at it, it's just so cuuuuute, it totally followed me home, I swear. Can I keep it?"
Haha, I would buy another AEG if Real Sword made another PLA rifle. However, I'm not sure how that will turn out, so the most I would do is to spend the money on upgrading the SVD or something lol. Unless I decide to get another loadout. But I don't think I'd do that until I get a full-time job.

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post

If you use a TK Twist you WILL have to install a 1 Joule spring for best results. (M110 at the most, since according to Illusion that's when accuracy is acceptable, and any higher after that it's worse than a 6.08 barrel). It's an awesome product (and I'm planning on installing one into my next rifle), don't get me wrong, but you'll have to be part of the 1 Joule club for best results.
Ah, so I guess It's better for SMGs and Pistols then. Thanks for clearing that up.

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Also..... I wouldn't be surprised to see SVD's going for cheaper in a few months once the market "stabilizes" more and there's more stock floating around in Canada. Don't buy bleeding edge unless you can pay the premium for being the kid on the block with the newest and coolest toys.
By the time I get enough money for the SVD, hopefully the price would've dropped...

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Finally, it's not length that affects accuracy, it's a combination of bore consistency, bore tightness, and length. Consistency being the thing that affects accuracy the most (which is how the TK Twist works, with the "rifling" creating a "pocket of air" for the BB to float on for a "straighter" path down the barrel), then tightness affects the bouncing of the BB inside the barrel (less bouncing = better accuracy). So I guess you'd be fine to cut down a barrel but not on the SVD or I will have to kill you. However you also have to worry about crowning the barrel which means that accuracy at the end will be affected (the crown is the last thing that the BB touches as it exits and logic would dictate it would affect the BB's flight path), so it's best to pickup a shorter barrel of the right length so you don't have to deburr/crown the barrel.
Actually, I heard that the pocket of air doesn't actually float the BBs, but rather make the bouncing around inside the barrel more predictable.

Larry makes crowning look easy lol
YouTube - Gunsmith - How to shorten and recrown barrel with hand tool
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