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Originally Posted by PaddMadd View Post
I ordered about $200 of parts from HK. It said "International item has arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs" for eleven days(it took TWO to get from HK to Vancouver). I checked the mail yesterday(day eleven) and the parcel was in, and NOT opened/inspected by Customs. It went from Customs to my post box, and according to CP tracking, nowhere in between.

They really need to get their shit together.
It says that some times, the people delivering it might have forgotten to scan it. But customs check take long periods of time depending on whats in it. I've had a box of mags and random parts sit in customs for 2 months...

Originally Posted by phloudernow View Post
man bought a gun from Cottoni and its been shipped out but god damn canada post takes for ever to get it here its supposed to arrive today but oh WHERE IS IT? STILL IN EDMONTON!!!
What was the expected delivery date on the tracking number?
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