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Originally Posted by juicy View Post
Nice work. I like it, so far. As someone said, it would be nice if you could leave multiple feedback tidbits for one person in the case that you do multiple deals with them... if possible. Asides from that, no real complaints about the way it looks right now.
Originally Posted by StrikeFreedom View Post
After you clicked on a particular feedback, perhaps it can show both the seller's and buyer's feedback/comment relevant to that transaction?

Another feature you can implement is to link the feedback to the associated BST thread, regardless if it's "banana" or not. This way every transaction can be traced back.
Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
that would make the classifieds way more complicated as each thread would have to be registered like an ebay sale in order to be tracked/linked rather than a forum post.
Good news guys: all of these requests have actually been implemented from the start.

1) you can leave as many feedbacks as you want, and each one counts towards a user's score. However, you must wait 24 hours between rating the same person.
2) clicking on a particular feedback goes to the details of that feedback, and the buyer/seller can actually post replies, as if the feedback was actually a thread in a forum.
3) you can submit the original B&S URL when adding feedback, and it will be listed on the feedback detail page. This, of course, was not the case in the old rating system so that information doesn't exist for all the imported feedback.
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