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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Lol have fun frank.

the biggest upgrade you can do to a RS SVD is a new spring and hop-up rubber.

Everything else is proprietary and doesn't need to be changed.

I'm 5'11", I found my SVD to be on the short side and I had absolutely no problems maneuvering around in the bush with it.
Oh hey, an age verifier, reminds me I gotta get AV'd soon.
Btw, I'm thinking you probably use your SVD the way RS designed it to be used; more of a sniper than a DMR/AR lol

To be honest, I think barrel shortening would be fairly pointless without the full auto conversion and vice versa. To use it like a DMR/AR, I think someone would probably need both full auto capability AND maneuverability. However, if one only uses it mainly for sniping, the semi-auto and the barrel length would be perfectly fine.

Edit: Just read an article about the TK Twist barrel, looks pretty sweet...

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