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Originally Posted by Specs View Post
well mby with a systema u could but....NO u rly dont want to do this its just silly!

ok here is what I are really confused on if you want a sniper or AR....get an AR and if you get an AK for Armalite model you can easily make a DMR out of more of this paintball trigger tapping shit

there is a spool up delay in the gearbox, so yes there is a significant delay between when you pull the trigger and when the gun spits out the white thing....if you have a high torque gear set up, a softer spring and a high voltage battery you can minimize this..... systemas are also very good for trigger response.
I did a bit more reading and apparently every gun is different so I'd have to know it inside out before I can modify it. Paradox is I wanna buy it if I can mod it but to know if I can mod it I'd have to buy it.

Also, I don't think its silly, I mean being able to tap 2 rounds is highly advantageous unless there's something I'm missing here regarding the mechanics...

And I wouldn't exactlly call myself confused as to whether or not I'd want a sniper or an AR... I just want a DMR, something in-between a sniper and AR. Maybe just ignorant as to how airsoft battles run due to inexperience, but I think I know what I want...

Originally Posted by Specs View Post
i really think you should do a little more research into how AEGs work... it seems as if your knowledge of real weapons is fine but you dont seem to know fully how an AEG works...not saying you need to know everything but you should educate yourself a little more before you make a huge investment like that
Yea, I'd like to know how AEG work myself, but not having a real thing for me to take apart and play with really limits my ability to know how they work...

I mean, to be honest I'm still months or even years away from actually being able to buy a $1200 rifle. I would definitely have a better idea when that time comes. This is just a starting point for me to ask general questions for now.

Originally Posted by Kingsix View Post
ack just get a JG SVD or a SVD conversion kit for AKs you will have full auto, semi and cut the barrel without braking the bank.
Do you know if JG SVDs are accurate straight out of the box? or would I have to upgrade it to get RS SVD's performance? Because I heard upgrades often cost hundreds of dollars... And conversion kits... mehhh...
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