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Originally Posted by Kingsix View Post
The real sword SVD is semi automatic only so you will be at a major disadvantage when you engage foes with automatics not to mention a small magazine. The type 56-2 or type 97 would be my suggestion for PLA unit. The type 56-2 being the cheapest costing around $550 and up and the Type 97 at $700 and up.
Hmm, well with a fast trigger pull the fully-automatic feature can be replicated. So far I can tap at a RoF of 400 taps per minute. Compared to 600 rounds per minute of an AK, I'd say it's not too bad considering I can still get faster with practice. The only problem tho would be the fact that I'd get finger cramps if I keep at it. I'd get tired sooner or later unless I conserve my ammo and only do short bursts.

Oh yea, I was considering a type 97 but the lack of trigger guard/grip and awkward mag well+stanmag turned me off that rifle. Plus, even the QBZ-95 have already been phased out by the new QBZ-95G. It's got a lower carrying handle so soldiers won't have to expose as much head to aim, the fire selector was moved from the stock to the pistol grip (YES!!!), a standard picitinny rail was included, and the trigger guard's shape was redesigned. If anything, I'd rather have the QBU-88 sniper which was much better engineered from the get go. But god knows when it will come out, if ever... *cries*

And about the Type 56-2, the stock just looks, well, plain ugly in my opinion... It looks like it has an extra pistol grip on the butt of the rifle *laughs*

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