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Originally Posted by Iskaryot View Post
Maybe that's true, but just now I did some measurements with a meter-stick. The Dragonuv Tiger is around 109 cm long overall, and that's the sporter version of the soviet SVD. The Real Sword Type 79/85 on the other hand, is 129.5 cm long. Now, I may be 5' 10", but holding a 129.5 length meterstick (2 metersticks overlapping actually) felt really unwieldy and uncomfortable. However, once I shortened it to 109 cm, it felt perfect. However, holding the meterstick for too long my left hand got tired, and I'd imagine it'd be a nightmare to hold the real thing. I guess I better start working out so I won't be the lanky bloke that I am... *embarrassed*
there is a VERY VERY big difference between holding 2 meter sticks together and holding a RS not mistake a SVD for a meter stick

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