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Originally Posted by Iskaryot View Post
To be more specific, I want an SVD for a PLA loadout. Since the SVD (Type 85) is the only commercially available airsoft that is used by the PLA forces in the 21st century (QBZ-97 doesn't count) and the QBU-88 (Real sword QBZ-97 Sniper) might not come out, worst case scenario -> I'd have to stick with the SVD. For the sake of realism I could just keep the SVD as is. However, since a Real Sword SVD cost around $1200, I'd rather be able to use it as an AR if the need arises, or at the very least not get it tangled in forest areas. In other words, Function over Form as long as I don't have to resort to using M14 or AK47, which is just ridiculous for the PLA forces.
That's your problem the Chinese don't use M-14s or AK-47s

They use Type 56 assault rifles which are clones of the AK-47 with some minor changes. Reserve or Milita units may still be using Type 56s but it's most likely they are using type 81s. The Type 56c the compact version of the type 56 assault rifle is still in active service.
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