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Originally Posted by Qlong View Post
Is it only displayed when the user creates a thread/post in the Classifieds?
Within individual threads, the information is only displayed under your userinfo when it's a thread in the buy&sell section. In all other forums (for example here) there is no trade rating info under your username, as you can see.

You can still view anyone's trade rating by viewing their profile, just click their avatar.

This part isn't set in stone... if users overwhelmingly want trader ratings under user info displayed site wide, I'm open to it, but I feel that since it should only really matter in the buy&sell, it's only displayed there.

Originally Posted by SHaKaL View Post
Can you make multiple rating with the same person?
Like i buy 3 thing from the same seller at different time?
Yes, but you're only permitted one rating every 24 hours. Unlike Ebay, each rating will add to/subtract from their trader rating, not just once per user.
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