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Just because it's a machine gun, doesn't mean it's not deadly accurate at long range
On some occasions, however, he used a different weapon the .50-caliber M2 Browning Machine Gun, on which he mounted the Unertl scope, using a bracket of his own design. This weapon had a Traversing and Elevating (T& E) mount that enabled precise aiming: it was accurate to 2500 yards when fired one round at a time. At one point, he took careful aim at a courier carrying a load of AK-47's and ammunition on a bicycle. He had second thoughts when he saw a 12-year-old boy in his sights, but after considering the intended use of those weapons, he decided to disable the bicycle, hitting the bike frame. The boy tumbled over the handlebars, grabbed a gun, and immediately began firing back, so Hathcock returned fire, killing him


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Reality has a well known liberal bias.

Bloody BB
BB Magnet
Steady Aim
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