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Originally Posted by phloudernow View Post
dont think thats possible, its like trying to silence a car engine, dont think that technology is out yet.
The technology has been around for years, it's just very rare to see someone apply it to an AEG lol
Air brakes work great, it requires alot of fine tuning to get it to work in full auto, but it should really only be used in semi auto. TM VSR-10 G-spec's have air brakes, that's why they're so quiet left stock.
Helical gears greatly reduce noise unless you have a CA or other slightly off clone mechbox. CA has theirs gears ever so slightly further apart than TM so the gears are usually pretty noisy.
Then there's sorbo pads, angel silent head sets, silent piston heads used in combination with sorbo pads on silent cylinder heads.

But the best thing you can do is have the maximum barrel length for your cylinder type and have a silencer. My VSR10 has no air brake, and the barrel extends to 1" short of the stock silencer, yet it's as quiet as a gopher fart because there's back pressure on the piston for it's entire stroke.
As long as you don't let the piston glide forward too soon, it won't make that loud smack on the cylinder head.
It's just WAY harder to do in an AEG because you have so many moving parts, making it more difficult to attain good compression.
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