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Originally Posted by Iskaryot View Post
By any chance do you know how to silence the mechbox or if there's a DIY guide out there?
dont think thats possible, its like trying to silence a car engine, dont think that technology is out yet.

and for a suggestion for a good sniper, id go with the TM VSR 10 or if you are on a budget the JG BAR 10 which is the exact replica of it, even though people bitch about how bad clones are, JG clones are amazing, i own one myself had a VSR 10 as well, sold it just cuz i can put all the upgrades i did in it into my bar 10 and it works exactly the same and might as well sell the one "worth" more so yer. other than that if you have a bit more money i would suggest the maruzen APS-2 LRV - its one of the most accurate sniper rifles in town
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