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Shipping Questions

I ordered a multicam BDU from Airsoft Depot about a month ago now and because he didn't have my size in so he had to order it from his supplier in China.

The tracking number he supplied says that the package shipped on the 2nd by means of "International Inbound Courier", and is in transport to canada.

Now, I understand that shipping from China can take a while, but it has been 12 business days now, and the last item I had ordered from a Chinese retailer had arrived in 9 business days.

I'm wondering if there is any way of gathering more information on my parcel (eg. Flight #, update on its location) and when I should start worrying that my package won't arrive.

Should my package not arrive, am I basically screwed or is there some sort of action that I can take to either getting my items or cash back?
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